The Technological Partner You Need

HK Jundayi Trade Limited is a website and e-Commerce service that was formed on the notion that anybody should have the tools they need to build their business from idea to launch to growth.

Entrepreneurs can design websites that clients love to visit and buy with HK Jundayi Trade Limited, whether they’re beginning an online business from scratch or expanding an existing one. With integrated marketing and comprehensive analytics, our powerful tools make it simple to create a professional, mobile-optimized site and expand your business. We also assist you in overcoming the manual complexities of running a successful online business by streamlining shipping, taxes, and inventory management.

HK Jundayi Trade Limited was founded in 2021 and now powers millions of companies on over 2 million websites worldwide. HK Jundayi Trade Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices throughout China.

About Us

HK Jundayi Trade Limited is a supplier of tech-enabled digital e-Commerce solutions, and we develop customized strategies for each of our clients depending on their needs and objectives.

Our team consists of award-winning marketers, designers, and developers that understand what it takes to get genuine results online. We also keep an eye on the most important KPIs, such as leads and income earned. We understand that meeting these objectives is what propels organizations ahead, and we feel that the success of our clients is the finest barometer of our own performance.

We’ve also found that, while each channel has its own set of benefits, they all operate best when properly combined with other channels. As a result, we provide full-service solutions to each of our customers and employ a variety of digital channels to boost exposure, conversions, and income.

We’ve also established the industry’s most connected digital team, with over 30 in-house influencers committed to cultivating connections and gaining exposure on significant websites.

Our team has also worked to create proprietary tools to help us measure and report our findings more efficiently. Commerce is our passion, and we are passionate about assisting businesses in reaching their objectives. When you use HK Jundayi Trade Limited as your e-Commerce agency, you won’t receive a cookie-cutter approach; instead, you’ll get a plan tailored to your business, objectives, and goals.

What we do?

HK Jundayi Trade Limited collects client information to ensure that they market themselves effectively, and then sells that information to e-commerce merchants so that they may develop customized Omni channel customer experiences at scale.

By providing every online store with the same personalization and automation capabilities as the largest markets, we are giving independent businesses a chance to compete rather than being suffocated.

We may be considered a startup, a young technological startup. The newcomer to the e-Commerce nexus. Whatever you call us, there is little doubt that the ecommerce sector is about to experience a major transformation.

Why Go for Us?

HK Jundayi Trade Limited is a well-known group of individuals who have established themselves as industry leaders in advising business houses and entrepreneurs. We specialize in e-Commerce, excluding trade, batch trading of products, export of goods, and trade of goods, as well as any other services offered independently by commerce specialists.

We help entrepreneurs and start-ups provide e-Commerce services for their companies. We have a tailored solution that is in the best interests of your company, and we offer a guaranteed and satisfying service. We are an internationally recognized individual e-Commerce organization powered by IA tech and Automation, known for providing its clients worldwide with customer-centric, customized, and matchless services.

We believe that a society formed by captivating tales and linked by captivating daily communications is a brighter, more forward-thinking, and more resilient planet. As a result, our mission is to connect the world’s most well-known brands with their target consumers, stakeholders, and other companies.

We accomplish this aim by employing cutting-edge web technology to provide the ideal backdrop for epic storytelling and cooperation for digital publication. To be effective in the creative process, you must be able to listen, prepare, pitch, and produce while keeping your organization’s basic values in mind.


  • Our Goal

    To build our worldwide brand by offering our clients the most complete local and international e-Commerce services.

  • Vision

    To offer the most complete domestic and international electronic services to meet all of your company demands.

  • Mission

    To be the leading e-Commerce Company in offering excellent technology that will assist your company in conquering the industry and establishing productive connections.