E-Commerce Advertising

With your product catalog and content in good form, you can concentrate on the process of advertising and marketing your site in order to achieve those all-important conversions. HK Jundayi Trade Limited has a full tool set that is native to the platform, including a class-leading promotions engine, conditional components for content personalization, email marketing, a built-in loyalty program, unique gifting options, and increased subscriptions capabilities. This allows you to attract, engage, convert, and re-engage your users, transforming them from casual visitors to devoted consumers, increasing average order values, and giving the highest ROI for your website across all channels.

The versatile rules-based ecommerce promotions engine from HK Jundayi Trade Limited offers you with a sophisticated out-of-the-box tool set to help you convert and re-engage more consumers, driving more revenue. The highly adjustable, rules-based offers engine can handle even the most complicated promotions, allowing ecommerce organizations to advance promotional and customization initiatives.


Create one-time or recurring coupon codes for individual consumers or the entire site, and link them to particular discounts and offers. Put them in an email template or export them to use with a third-party ESP or printed marketing materials.


Discounts can be applied to all consumers or to select customers, groups of customers, or customers who use a specific discount code. You may also specify whether the offer applies to certain items, product categories, brand(s), or all products, and include or omit them as needed.

Product Bundles

Product bundles can be pre-configured by grouping things together at a discounted pricing. Allow consumers to choose multiple product variations inside the same bundle, such as size, color, flavor, and so on…

Automate the Timing and Date of Offers

Create and schedule promotions to auto-trigger by specifying specified start and finish dates, making them great for seasonal specials or flash deals. Expiry dates can also be posted on deals to build urgency and boost purchases.

Campaign reporting

Using HK Jundayi Trade Limited’s specialized reporting features; you can determine the efficiency of your promotional plan and discover those deals that perform effectively. Report on ecommerce promotions and offers, including total income produced from orders against each promotional campaign.

Auto-Triggered Promotions

Automatically activate offers depending on certain user activities such as completing a product review, referring a friend, or visiting a specific URL.