E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization Management

Customers like shopping online, and your pay-per-click (PPC) adverts may assist them in finding and purchasing your items. You may utilize Google and Bing to improve traffic and income at your online store with the aid of ecommerce PPC management services.

For ecommerce PPC management, you want a comprehensive solution. You don’t want to jump between groups and struggle to manage their plans and obligations. Instead, you want a trustworthy source and service for your PPC advertising for online retailers.

Google Shop

To ensure a prominent position in search results, use Google Shopping adverts. Using these adverts, your company may market its products to consumers who are ready to buy them.

Your dedicated HK Jundayi Trade Limited account manager will handle the planning, development, creation, launch, and administration of your Google Shopping advertising. To enhance purchase volume, your dedicated account manager will assist you in maximizing each one, from Product Shopping to Showcase Shopping marketing.

Google Advertising

Use Google AdWords to occupy as much space in search results as feasible. Promote your business and products using a range of pay-per-click adverts to achieve goals such as increasing brand recognition and sales as well as resolving shopping cart abandonment.

HK Jundayi Trade Limited has successfully managed over 650 client campaigns and can assist your business in succeeding.


Take a proactive approach to the 96% of visitors who will leave your website without completing a purchase.

Remarketing is a tactic for promoting your business to internet users who have browsed your items. These adverts can entice clients to return to your firm (and dedicated account manager) and purchase your items.

Bing Ads

Experiment with Bing Ads, formerly known as Microsoft Advertising, with the aid of our ecommerce PPC services.

Profit from competitors that ignore Bing Ads with a tailored campaign for this platform. With a competitive and targeted campaign for this ad network, you may improve sales, raise brand awareness, and re-engage customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

Marketing Jundayi Trade Limited

Marketing Jundayi Trade Limited can provide you with real-time updates on the performance of your e-commerce PPC. Use this marketing software package to monitor the ROI and overall efficacy of your sponsored strategy. IBM’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are included.

Marketing Jundayi Trade Limited also provides services such as competition monitoring and website customization. Speak with a professional strategist one-on-one to learn more about the multiple deliverables that come with our PPC management services for ecommerce organizations and to have a better knowledge of what you receive.