Email Marketing Strategy

Connect your favorite online services and applications with your transactional and marketing emails to get the most out of them. There are more than 3.9 billion users of email globally, making it the most popular means of communication.

The best digital marketing approach for creating and converting leads is email marketing. Email marketing businesses collaborate with a range of email service providers to provide automated, tailored marketing emails with company promotions and notifications. Email marketing may be used to provide everything from weekly newsletters and advertising updates to customer survey forms and event invites.

You may expand your online store with the aid of our cutting-edge automation and email marketing services for businesses:

Email Strategy

The most efficient strategy to reach your target market is created by our email marketing team, which specializes in e-commerce. Ongoing email newsletter services, content planning, advertising concepts, and automated marketing campaigns are all things we provide advice on. To find out more about the finest email marketing for Shopify and other platforms, get in touch with us.

Design of a Template

The creative designers and developers that work on the email marketing e-Commerce team at HK Jundayi Trade Limited produce one-of-a-kind themes. We are specialists in Shopify email marketing techniques and e-Commerce marketing best practices. We also create layouts that entice readers and boost conversions.

Email Service Provider Migration

Once your current campaigns, templates, and segmented contacts have been transferred to the email service provider of your choosing, you can immediately get back to work. Our business supports the great majority of well-known e-commerce platforms, including Big Commerce, Shopify, and Woo Commerce.

Managing Email Marketing

If you want to increase conversions and make money, you need a team to develop eye-catching, fascinating email marketing campaigns that inform your audience about the most recent promotions and discounts. We create, implement, and test e-Commerce campaigns in addition to Shopify email marketing strategies.

Email Automation Techniques

Our experts in e-commerce and email marketing create a plan for integrating predictive technology into the creation of workflows and automated campaigns that encourage and hasten the completion of upcoming sales. From welcome series and VIP reengagement to shopping sequence and abandoned cart automation, we can automate anything.