Retail E-Commerce

Our retail ecommerce solutions will drive development across all of your channels, whether you’re a pure play e-tailer or an international, online retailer with clients all over the world. We assist merchants in delivering world-class ecommerce experiences, all powered by our award-winning ecommerce platform, HK Jundayi Trade Limited, and complimented by our entire range of ecommerce agency services, from initial project consulting to ongoing development and support.

Our retail ecommerce solutions assist you in transforming your website from a simple online order taking system to an intelligent, conversion-hungry engine capable of delivering seamless, personalized online experiences to all of your consumers across all digital channels, including web, mobile, and social.

Rich Marketing Resources

By creating offers, promotions, and merchandise specifically for each consumer, you can increase conversions, loyalty, and customer happiness.

Individualized Content

Every time a consumer visits your website, provide them with personalized content, offers, promotions, emails, ads, and pricing along the customer journey.

Content Management

Utilize the comprehensive in-site editing capabilities provided by HK Jundayi Trade Limited to easily maintain the content on your websites.


Completely customizable checkout depending on your company’s needs, the sector you work in, or other restrictions, helping to increase conversions.


Make sure that you’re supporting business systems, such as ERP, Accounting, PSPs, CRM, and WMS, from reputable suppliers or wholly custom systems, integrate seamlessly and in both directions.

Go Worldwide

With completely internationalized features, such as the support of various languages, currencies, warehouses, taxation systems, fulfillment kinds, and much more, you can expand into new markets and offer your items all over the world.


In return for recurring payments from the consumer, subscriptions offer frequent replenishment, access to, or curation of goods or continuous services, which helps with customer retention, forecasting, revenue growth, and engagement.